Once you’ve made a video for your band, it’s time to unleash them for the world to see. But the fame is not a easy thing, and just uploading on Youtube won’t make you a rockstar. Turns out there are millions of people doing the same thing everyday. So how can you improve your videos release and skyrocket your reach? Let’s see some tips.

Videos are pretty much as important as your music. First of all, people want to see videos of bands. They want to see you, they want to see you do things, and videos are the best medium for that.
The good news is: you can create videos way more frequently than you’ll release music (unless you’re Buckethead). There are tons of subject you can address in videos, and this will feed your fans with content and make them happy.
In this article we’ll see some of the basic (almost mandatory) kind of videos you can put online.

Choosing a band name is one of the very first thing you’ll do when creating a new band. On paper, it’s simple: choose a cool sounding name and you’re done. The issue is that there is a crap ton of bands out there, and that number is growing every day.
Finding a band name that is unique, original and fits for all the usage can be hard, and it’s easy to forget details that may cause problems down the road.
Let’s see what you need to do to be sure you’re choosing a good name and secure it in today’s world.

As a rockstar wannabe, you naturally spend hours on Facebook and Instagram, drooling over some fine looking guitar, amps or plugins.
Well, um… how can I put this delicately…. you’re wasting your fucking time. Every minute where you dream about a new amp that would make you sound better, is a minute you don’t spend perfecting your craft and working towards your goals.