Fret wraps are starting to make a big “buzz” lately among guitarists. Although in a literal sense, they’re designed to do exactly the opposite. You’ve probably seen these on the necks of guitars in Youtube videos, along side several comments saying something to the effect of, “cool but wtf is that on ur guitar???”

DIY Gruv gear fret wraps

The answer, my friends, is that it’s a Fret Wrap! Basically, it’s a piece of fabric or semi-soft material that presses against your strings and stops extra noise from happening while you play. Generally, the part of your strings which extend beyond the nut or bridge can generate some high pitched chime-y sounding harmonics or even a slight buzz. These can be really awful sounding and distracting in your recordings.

Lucky for you, there’s an easy fix! It only costs a few dollars, and it can even be free if you already have the stuff lying around home. This was the case for me. I made my DIY fretwrap from a scrap piece of acoustic foam and the Velcro strap that came on my laptop charger.

Step 1:

So first, you’ll need the strap part of it. This can really be made of anything you can think of, but I’d recommend not going with anything wider than about an inch. You can cut the end of an old backpack strap, or maybe even cut a strip off of an old towel or something. Just make sure to measure it that it can wrap around your guitars neck and one and a half times.

DIY Gruv gear fret wraps

Step 2:

Next, you’ll want to glue your “foam” part to one side of the strap with any standard adhesive. I used this acoustic foam, but you could probably even fold a piece of a soft sock or something to where it’s 2-3 layers thick and use that. Make sure that its cut to the same width as the strap and slightly longer than what you would need to cover all your strings at once on the 1st fret of your guitar.

DIY Gruv gear fret wraps

Step 3:

Now you’ll need to hold the Fret Wrap in place on your guitar, so you can see where your Velcro will need to go. This is the one thing that you may have to buy, but it shouldn’t be very expensive at all. Once you have the spot marked on your strap, you can glue that in place and leave it somewhere to dry.

DIY Gruv gear fret wraps DIY Gruv gear fret wraps

Now you’re done! Easy as 1, 2, 3. The final result will look something like this, and I’m sure some of you can come up with something even better looking if you want to spend more time thinking about the design. Hopefully, I was able to help someone, because I know it really helped me. I’ll be back with more simple DIY solutions, but for now… that’s a wrap.

Nicholas Colvin
I’ve had over a decade of experience with writing/recording music and several years of experience with graphic design. I’m the vocalist for Undisclosed Dimensions and the lead guitarist for Arthedain. I’ve recently left my profession in Aerospace Maintenance to pursue an education in Communication and Mass Media. I have a passion for helpful music discussion, and Band Sculptor is my way of giving back.