Sascha is definitely not a new comer in the music industry. He’s been playing and touring for 10+ years, releasing albums and producing bands. You can hear him shred in his awesome technical death metal band “Fuck you and die”, and “Der Weg einer Freiheit”, a band name that makes me happy this is a written article.

In his videos, Sascha talks about stupid things bands should avoid, and gives clever advices everyone should follow. So obviously we had to bring him here and ask him his advice on some main topics for a band.

Don't do this to your band by Sascha Rissling

Mainstage at Euroblast 2014

Hey People of this Blog.

If you are here – you are already on the right path to make your “Being In A Band”-Experience awesome.

So Romain and I found out that we’re working in the same field. And that is giving you guys informations and roadmaps. He asked me to rant away on these following eight subjects because my youtube show happens to be called “Don’t Do This To Your Band”.

So without more collection of words that just raise the count of words – Here we go! I’m just going to add, that i’m using a somewhat reverse-technique here.

Don’t Do This To Your Single.

Upload it to Soundcloud. Name it Final.wav. Post it on your personal profile with the visibility to a custom friendslist that contains your bandmates and your ex.

Don’t Do This To Your Album Release.

Fire away everything in one post. Don’t build it up. Just write one massive post with 2000-3000 words. Just put the album cover in there. Make sure its a link to the picture and you don’t actually upload the actual cover to the post. It’s very important to not have anything visual in these posts.

Don’t Do This To Your Artwork.

Make it a black square with no text or logo and make a statement with that because you’re so fucking artistic.

Don’t Do This To Your Live Shows.

You should focus on your fretboard and not try to fade away into the movement of music. You might be a fret too high and everyone will notice. 😕 People won’t be coming back to your shows if you do. Remember. Every ticket buyer is a musician.

Don’t Do This To Your Merch.

You should focus on just having ONE shirt. ONE shirt with your name on it. Make sure its not your actual logo. Everything else would be way out of range and… imagine people would call you “Sellout”. So please follow as advised.

Don’t Do This To Your Reputation.

Back in the 90’s and 00’s there were all these stories about the cool rockstars destroying hotel rooms and being assholes all over the plays. Turns out that is exactly what you have to do. Destroy shit when you’re playing somewhere. People will not forget you. They will remember you and definitely will invite you back to their places with open arms 🙂

Don’t Do This To Your Producer.

Producer should have NO FUCKING IDEA about your music before you hit the studio. Don’t send him demos, Guitar Pro files or scratch tracks. Not even a click. Because when he is surprised he’ll be way happier at work because of all that excitement right? 🙂 So – Keep everything under the rug until you hit the studio. Make sure to keep the communication to a bare minimum before the studio so theres no chance he could have any idea about the EP or record. Got it? 🙂 okay!

Don’t Do This To Your Fans.

Make sure your fans know that you are in for the money 100%. So they know your intentions, okay? They are not interested in your intimate artistic story and they definitely don’t want to be part of your process. Please make sure to face them with buyable products only and no value at all.

Make sure to follow Sascha on Facebook and Youtube, he puts out videos all the time, and you’ll definitely learn something. Also check out his blog where he puts more content.

Romain Berger
Guitarist for over a decade, I’ve founded and played in several bands (Suicidal Massacre, Brain Collapse, …) and released multiple EPs and albums with these bands and as a solo act. Software engineer in parisian startups by day, I play guitar in Undisclosed Dimensions, write for Band Sculptor and run Solipsism Studio by night.