Now that you know it’s important to make videos to promote your band, it’s time to unleash them for the world to see. But the fame is not a easy thing, and just uploading on Youtube won’t make you a rockstar. Turns out there are millions of people doing the same thing everyday. So how can you improve your videos release and skyrocket your reach? Let’s see some tips.

How to successfully post videos on Youtube
Boom, video on Youtube. Let the fame begin.

Where To Release Your Video

Alright, alright this does seem like a stupid question, but still. The obvious answer is Youtube. It’s the biggest video platform, and it’s reliable.

Pimp it

Even though you should spend a shitton of time working on making your video look good when filming and editing it, it’s 80% of the work. To properly put a video online, you’ll need a few details that are very important:

The title

Your title should be descriptive, but still tease so people want to click it.
Feel free to repeat your band’s name in the title of every video. Nobody will care, but your video will have a better rank in the search.

David Maxim Micic on Youtube
Notice how “David Maxim Micic” is in most videos title. It doesn’t bother the viewers, but it sure helps find them when searching for his name.

The description

The description is a very important part to make your video easy to find and pop up in Youtube’s search. Go crazy and put a lot of details, not just about your video, but about your band. Repeat all the time your social media links, your label and endorsements if that applies to you, links to place where to buy or stream your records, etc.
Youtube has a great feature to specify a default description that will be present for all new videos that you will upload. Make sure to put all the repetitive content there: social media links, links to your releases etc. This way every time you upload a new video all you have is to write the specific description of the video itself.
Try to make the description a bit pretty even though you’re limited. Put space between sections and use characters for lists or to emphasis some parts. You can put some characters like ★, ►, or even ♞ but I don’t know why you would want to use that one.


Tags are now hidden from the viewers, but are still there. Be sure to use a good amount of them, but don’t try trick people into viewing your video if it’s not relevant for them. By that I mean don’t tag “Justin Bieber” in your death metal video. First of all I doubt it will get you to the top of the search, and even then, if it works, people searching Justin Bieber won’t become a fan of your band just because you tricked them into hearing your song.


Good looking thumbnails are what will attract people to click on your video. You can either choose a great frame from your video, or create an image from scratch. A good thing is to put your video title in the image, to make it pop. Play with the colors to make it vibrant and make it stand out from the other videos.
To be able to upload custom thumbnails you’ll have to verify your account with your phone numbers, but you should have done that already. This will give you a bunch of features that are pretty much mandatory if you take this seriously.

Sharing your video

Now that your video is online, it’s not going to get views by itself. Like anything you do, 50% of the work is sharing it and bringing people to see it.
But sharing does not mean just sending the link on every social media you’re on. Each one of them works in a different way, and people don’t expect to see it the same way depending on where they are. Let’s see the platforms and how to share your videos on each of them.


The obvious first stop is Facebook. The thing is, Facebook doesn’t really like when people link to external content, and if you only post the video’s link, your post may get less reach and hit fewer people.

A simple way to avoid that and make Facebook happy when posting a video, is to upload an extract on Facebook directly, and then link to the Youtube video. Not only Facebook will enjoy it since you’re uploading some content, but it will probably look nice if the user has autoplay activated. your video will start playing and catch the person’s attention. Now keep in mind that Facebook is well known for killing your audio quality, so really only use it for a teaser and not as an end product.

Ola Englund, the true Youtube rockstar
Ola Englund posts an extract on Facebook and a link to the full video. Simple and effective.

There’s another thing you can see a lot of big pages do that is kinda smart: they will not include any external link in the post itself, and only upload an image or a video directly on Facebook. But then they will write a comment on the post itself where they will post the actual link. They may even write something like “link in the comment” in the post. While this is smart because Facebook just won’t see the external link, it may make people click twice to get the link. So you may get fewer clicks on your video. And obviously you’ll have to hope people will like your comment to make it appear on top of the others. I personally don’t like this technic but if so many pages use it, it probably performs well.


Instagram limits the video upload to 60 seconds, so here again, the upload should only be a teaser. You can obviously upload a picture only, but as Facebook, videos will start automatically and catch the user’s attention.
On this platform the biggest limitation is the fact that you can’t include links in posts description. Don’t forget to update the website setting of your profile and write something along the lines of “link in bio” in your post.


I’ll have to admit I don’t have an experience big enough to say which strategy works best for Twitter. Nonetheless, I doubt Twitter is very different from the other platforms and likes to lose visitors with external links. So my guess is that a safe option is to do the same thing: upload a short teaser directly, and link to the full video.


Reddit can be a good way to promote your music. Check out our article on how to promote your music on Reddit to have all the details!

Posting at the right time

Timing can be really tricky, simply because of timezones. You don’t want to post when people are asleep, but there will always be someone sleeping somewhere in the world.
Facebook helps you a little bit with that, since you can see a chart of when your fans are online. To see this, go to your page’s insights, and under your five most recent posts, click on “See all posts”. On the top of the page you should see the chart. It can help you by seeing at which time you have the biggest number of fans likely to see your post.
Now of course the best thing is to experiment and see what time performs best, but for your first posts it can help you instead of just guessing.

Facebook helps you to promote your band

Film, Edit, Upload, Repeat

The best way to grow an audience on Youtube is to create quality content and to be consistent (easy right). Not only this will help you become more relevant un search results, it will also allow you to experiment with every aspect of the videos you’re making. Don’t be afraid to repost your video multiple times on social medias every now and then to see which format works best to your style and your audience.
It doesn’t have to be a scientific study, just post, see the engagement, adjust, and compare the results. It may take a while to find what works but it is an important part of making videos and creating content.

Romain Berger
Guitarist for over a decade, I’ve founded and played in several bands (Suicidal Massacre, Brain Collapse, …) and released multiple EPs and albums with these bands and as a solo act. Software engineer in parisian startups by day, I play guitar in Undisclosed Dimensions, write for Band Sculptor and run Solipsism Studio by night.