If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it is a huge blob of whatever people have on their mind, and much, much more. It has a lot of upsides for bands and musicians, and if used the right way, is a good place to showcase your art and get new fans.
Let’s see how and why you should use Reddit to promote your band and network.

You can directly target potential fans

This is, for me, the biggest advantage. Reddit is divided in a huge number of subreddits, which is a good opportunity for bands (and for everyone in general). It allows you to target directly, and only people who are very likely to be interested in what you do. Let’s say you make technical death metal, well you have /r/TechnicalDeathMetal with around 4.5K people following the activity on this subreddit. Even if obviously not everybody will see your post or like what you do, it’s a good start to know that there shouldn’t be anyone allergic to tech death checking you out.

Depending on the genre, Reddit has a weirdly low number of users. For example, /r/progmetal claims to have 36K subscribers (at the time of writing), which is a fraction of what some prog metal pages have on Facebook. But in my experience you can have way more interaction with your post and conversation than when a big Facebook page shares your stuff. And even if it’s low compared to Facebook, 36K potential views on your music is still very good.

No gatekeepers

Now this is the ultimate benefit for DIY bands: there is no gatekeepers for you to post. All you need, is to create an account, and that’s free and takes a minute. This means in a matter of seconds, you can have your music, video or anything visible by thousands of people.

Not only you can post directly, but the vote system makes that if people like what you do and upvote your music, you’ll be more visible and maybe even stick at the top of the page for days.

Easy engagement and discussion

Every post can be commented, which allows you to discuss directly with your potential fans. Most user who comment on your post will be really engaged, and if you answer their comment they’ll keep the conversation going.
So don’t be shy and use that to your advantage. Answer questions and interact with them.

Don’t use Reddit to spam

Being able to post your music does not mean spamming is okay. It can be tempting to post your song every once in a while, or blast multiple subreddits so more people see it. I highly discourage you to do that, simply because you and your band will look like a jerk.
In the same vein, don’t lie and try to pose as someone who’s not from the band. So don’t title your suggestion as “Cool band I just discovered!”, because once again, you’ll look like an idiot.

Before posting your music in a subreddit, check if there are dedicated thread. For example, /r/metalcore has a monthly “Check Out My Band” thread where it’s encouraged to post your band and promote it. You can post outside of these threads, but I encourage you to use those as they often are an occasion to detail who you are, and speak about your story. There’s a great FAQ about self promotion on Reddit that will explain it in more details.

In conclusion, Reddit is a good place to promote your music and you should start embracing it right now. Keep in mind that more than anywhere else, it should be a discussion more than a one-way communication. It will not only help your band, but you’ll be also surprised about the networking opportunities you may find.

Romain Berger
Guitarist for over a decade, I’ve founded and played in several bands (Suicidal Massacre, Brain Collapse, …) and released multiple EPs and albums with these bands and as a solo act. Software engineer in parisian startups by day, I play guitar in Undisclosed Dimensions, write for Band Sculptor and run Solipsism Studio by night.